“Two Sisters with a lot of Creativity and a Big Shed.” That’s really what we should be called, but you can’t put that before a .com

Bend Maker Shed is a big outbuilding on our property that we opened in October of 2019 as a space where we can share with others all the artsy ideas and hairbrained projects we have learned and dreamed up over the years (and have yet to learn/dream up).

It’s simply that—a space where friends and strangers can gather to play and learn together.

We hope some of the workshops offered help uncover and spark your own creativity.

As finances allow, we aim to extend free admission for those unable to pay, as well as spread fun and inventiveness into the community beyond the shed walls.

We meet at 61955 Skyline View Dr. in Bend, OR.

For questions or suggestions, contact us here: